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Shade Tree Meditation Cushions and Meditation Lessons

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Founded in Boulder Colorado in 2018~~


Shade Tree is a small business (small as you can get). I love making meditation cushions for dharma practitioners, especially those who like to sit outside, in the mountains, deserts, and forests.

I try to capture the authenticity and simplicity of the dharma in the design while making them rugged and comfy. I hope to make meditation cushions that truly enhance your experience and practice. I use kapok, buckwheat hulls, foam, hemp, cotton, linen and another fine materials.

Your cushion will serve you properly guaranteed~~ I'm happy to help anyone who reaches out.


Shade Tree Etsy page


The Founder

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"Practice pure dharma. Annihilate all obstacles."

hang on to nothing. benefit others.

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"The greatest offering is practice,"


Shipping is free


Form is Emptiness.

Emptiness is Form.

Form is no other than Emptiness.

Emptiness is no other than Form.

Heart Sutra

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